The patrol boat refit project continues at Radon Boats in Goleta.  The work raising the cabin roof has been completed and looks great (our 6’5” patrol officer will fit nicely).  The helm console has been blanked out to accommodate the installation of navigational equipment and radios.  Also, the placement of the small pedestal on which the main engine throttle controls are mounted was checked and found satisfactory (a very important factor to Harbor Department personnel since so many different people operate the boat).  

The fire pump and its drive motor have been received and fit into the boat.  The pump/motor set sits into the boat’s center hold better than originally anticipated.  Radon removed a hydraulic tank that was built into the hull, which allows the pump to sit farther aft and lower down in the compartment – an important factor in the overall weight distribution and stability of the boat.  The size of the hatch opening over the pump compartment has been determined.  The decision was made to widen and lengthen the existing hatch significantly to allow ample room to service the fire pump, as well as to provide convenient storage for supplies.  This will also allow for a more even deck surface outside the main cabin door to ease entry and exit for crew members.  Along the lines of increasing serviceability of the fire pump, a proposed watertight bulkhead between the main engine compartment and the fire pump compartment was altered to have two removable watertight hatches added to it, which will allow access to the front accessory area of the fire pump’s drive motor.  

In the main engine compartment, the only needed modifications were to the hull stringers to accommodate the mounts for the new main propulsion engines.  That work has been completed.  Significantly, the new engines have finally arrived at the local dealer, after weeks of delay and waiting.

Global supply chain issues have played a significant factor in slowing the progress of the project, and more unplanned impacts may occur before the project is complete.  Fortunately, the Harbor Department has already taken delivery of all the boat’s navigation and communications equipment.  The Harbor Department’s best estimate for taking delivery of the completed boat is now late July.

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