Meet the Fleet

Our Morro Bay Harbor Department works hard 24/7/365 to keep the land & waters around our bay safe for all. This page is to recognize the powerful vessels they use to do their job!

Patrol Boat 3866

Patrol boat 3866 or “66” is the little boat that could.  Built in 1993 in Morro Bay by Davis Boats.  Coming in at a relatively small 22 feet and with only a single engine it is normally used as a backup boat when one of our two primary boats is out for repairs.  With only one newer patrol boat and our second patrol boat showing her age (will be introduced next).  

The 66 has been seeing a lot of use.  She is a tough little boat, routinely towing vessels 2 or 3 times her size.  The 66 is also used for a lot of the “dirty” work in the bay like working on moorings, removing deceased wildlife, cleaning up pollution discharges, and transporting gear and equipment for various tasks.  With only one engine the 66 cannot be relied on for work near or in the surf or for longer range emergencies.  The 66 doesn’t carry all of the equipment that our primary patrol vessels carry which limits its abilities in emergencies.  All of that aside the 66 has pulled off some pretty harrowing rescues.  Most recently pulling a 50ft wood fishing vessel away from the south jetty with only feet until impact.  

We are glad to have our little boat that can!

Patrol Boat 3864

The second patrol vessel we are introducing is “64” Morro Bay’s Harbor Patrol’s finest and most versatile asset.  The 64 was built in 2013 by D.R. Radon boats in Goleta California.  This vessel was designed from the keel up by the Harbor Patrol for our many missions.  The hull is extra thick and structurally reinforced to meet the demands of rough water operations and the towing of large vessels.   64 has been proving her worth, making many rescues in these last few exceptionally rough winters.  Along with being our main rescue and response boat, 64 is also a fully equipped fire boat.  She is built to meet the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards for fire boats.  


  • Length 29ft
  • Beam 9ft
  • Weight 15,000 Lbs
  • Powered by twin Yanmar 8LV diesels 350 HP each with Konrad outdrives
  • 1500 GPM fire pump powered by a 6 cylinder Steyer diesel engine
  • 200 gallons of fuel in two tanks
  • Full compliment of Simrad electronics
  • FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) camera for nighttime and low visibility operations
  • Radio direction finder to assist in locating lost vessels
  • BLS (Basic Life Support) medical supplies including AED, Oxygen and a trauma kit.  
  • 350ft of 1 ½ inch main tow line and 1200ft of ½ inch blue steel used for swimming into the surf to assist stranded vessels
  • Pollution control kit
  • PTO dewater pumps capable of pumping 250 GPM.  Used to raise sinking vessels.

Patrol Boat 3868

Introducing boat 3868 or “68” arguably one of the most recognizable vessels in Morro Bay harbor.  68 is a 27ft long, 9ft wide Radon built in 1984.  She has been in continuous service with the Harbor Patrol for 33 years performing countless rescues and boater assists as the department’s primary rescue and patrol vessel.  Scores of lives and millions of dollars of property have been saved by this vessel.  68 went through a total refit in 2004, but she is showing her age.  Due to major hull failure in 2012 enroute to Montana De Oro to assist a vessel drifting into the surf, staff limit the use of 68 in responding to emergencies and other incidents outside the harbor.  We are hoping to replace this iconic vessel in the next couple of years with another state of the art vessel like boat 64.


  • Length 27ft
  • Beam 9ft
  • Weight 11,000 lbs.
  • Powered by twin 6.2 liter Mercury engines 330 HP each with Bravo II outdrives
  • 500 GPM fire pump powered by a 4 cylinder Volvo engine
  • Fuel 140 Gallons in two tanks
  • Pollution response kit
  • 300 feet of 1 ½ inch tow line
  • 1000 feet of swim line used to remove beached vessels
  • Engine driven de-water pump capable of 125 GPM
  • Full compliment of Simrad electronics including a radio direction finder used to locate vessels in low visibility

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