Morro Bay is a popular destination to view wildlife in their natural habitat. One such attraction is the City’s Floating Dock in the anchorage area (built in 1985) which is often completely submerged by the weight of numerous California Sea Lions. The dock, originally built to serve transient vessels, is visited daily by kayakers and sightseeing tours as one of the “go to” places to observe the animals basking lazily or barking at one another. It is also badly in need of repair. With an average male weighing around 600 pounds, the dock is beginning to give in to the stresses of its unintended purpose.

The Harbor Department would like to maintain and rebuild this dock for continued safe accommodation of our furry marine friends, but due to an estimated cost of approximately $10,000 for materials alone, we need your help!

We would be grateful if your business would make a tax deductible donation through the Friends of the Morro Bay Harbor Department to assist with the costs. A donation of $1,000 or more will be recognized with your business’s name on an informational sign affixed to a piling above the dock.

The playfulness of sea lions is always an entertaining sight. For their saftely, and those of our 2-legged visitors, we are thankful the sea lions have chosen to congregate on this particular dock instead of along the shore. Thank you for your support.

Friends of the Morro Bay Harbor Department is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and all donation can be tax deductable. 


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