We Need To Raise $100,000 for the Harbor Dept.

The MBHD has been presented with a rare opportunity to purchase a patrol boat from our neighbors at Port San Luis. In order for our MBHD to continue offering the WIDE variety of services we are accustomed to, we are fundraising to help cover the cost.

  • Our Goal $100,000 70% 70%

What our MBHD Fleet Does:

  • Watercraft Rescue
  • Boater Assists
  • Rescue Operations
  • Fire Fighting
  • Wildlife Rescue
  • Wildlife Release
  • Emergency Medical Aid
  • Pollution Cleanup
  • Equipment Transport
  • Code Enforcement
  • Mooring Repair
  • Hazardous Material Handeling
  • Summer Lifeguard Program

A New Patrol Boat is ESSENTIAL

Why are we looking at a new boat for Morro Bay?

Morro Bay Harbor Department’s jurisdiction is comprised of some of the most notoriously rough waters in California, with 150 days per year of small craft advisory conditions, and an average of 30 days per year of hazardous harbor entrance conditions. The harbor department also aids neighboring communities reaching approximately 100 square miles.

With an average of 1.1 million visitors each year (including roughly 3,600 vessels utilizing our launch ramp) Morro Bay sees a high volume of inexperienced recreational users in our bay and ocean.

To support this extremely high demand, combined with our existing fleet of aging patrol vessels and this rare opportunity to purchase a well maintained used boat.

A brand new Harbor Patrol vessel with the necessary customizations for our harbor can easily run $450,000. With the purchase and refurb of the used vessel pictured below (from Port San Luis, Avila Beach) we’ll have a newer boat at a fraction of the cost.

What we’re buying:

Pictured is the Harbor Boat from Port San Luis, currently used in their Fire/Rescue fleet.

Aside from aesthetic changes, this fundraiser will also cover the substantial costs of retrofitting this patrol vessel to meet the unique needs of our bay and coastline.


If you have questions, or would like additional information, contact the Morro Bay Harbor Department at (805) 772-6254.

Friends of the Morro Bay Harbor Department is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and all donation can be tax deductable. 

To Mail a Check, Please Send Payments to:

Friends of the Morro Bay Harbor Department
PO Box 718
Morro Bay, CA 93443

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